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Ann Lumbrezer has graduated from The Toledo Hospital School of Nursing, The
University of Toledo, and Northwest Academy of Massotherapy.  She is dually
licensed in Ohio to practice both nursing and massage therapy.  Ann practiced nursing for 36 years, mostly in emergency nursing. Ann is certified in Clinical Aromatherapy and Holistic
Nursing (as per programs sanctioned by the American Holistic Nurses'
Association) and Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Method).  Ann also holds professional memberships in the American Massage Therapy
Association and the National Nurses in Business Association.  Post-graduate education includes studies of various massage
modalities and clinical aromatherapy.


What others are saying:

"I refer patients to Ann because she meets them where they are.  She takes time with them.  Her credentials as a nurse let me know she is looking at them in their entirety, not just as one sore body part."  Mounir El Khatib, MD, Medical Director, Great Lakes Center for IntegrativeMedicine.

"Since infancy, I have dealt with the effects of polio.  One leg is significantly shorter than the other and this results in a strain on my back, shoulder, and arm.  The gentle massage Ann gives relieves the muscle tension and allows a freedom of motion that would be otherwise painful.  I would recommend Ann's massage to anyone to relieve the tension of the typical stress-filled days we all seem to be having."  Marlene Schober

"The first time I had a massage session, I was going as a last resort to help a very sore left shoulder.  It was bothering me to do simple things like get dressed!  My first session with Ann helped.  So I had another.  That helped and I had another.  Within a few sessions, I had full range of motion of my shoulder and was no longer in pain!!  Now, I try to have a massage once a month.  It is truly therapeutic and gets the kinks out from everyday life.  I recommend it to everyone as a first resort."  Marie Becker, RN


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